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Church water distribution continues to draw large crowds

Church water distribution continues to draw large crowds

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) – The line went on as far as the eye could see, some people sitting at a stand still for hours. “Oh, about 6 am. And this is every Tuesday we go through this,” said one Flint resident. “We shouldn’t have to – there used to be like 10 places now this is what we have to do.”

Non-profit Asbury CDC distributes food and water every Tuesday and every Tuesday the need is still there.

“You see lines like that and that still means were in crisis mode,” said Reverend Tommy McDoniel. “While a lot of politicians have said it’s time to move on, it’s over, get over it. The reality is our bodies don’t get over it. Our bodies keep that lead forever.”

While many people still struggle to find trust after the water crisis, others say they plan to continue moving forward to find future success.

“I hate that it happened to us but as we grow and get stronger and trust the people again maybe things will get better for us down the road,” said one Flint resident.

The church will be holding another distribution next Tuesday at 10 am.

Detroit Tiger, Niko Goodrum is expected to donate and distribute water from 10 am until 2 pm.

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Meet the heroes who deliver water in Flint

Meet the heroes who deliver water in Flint

Flint residents, churches step up to continue distribution of bottled water to 3,500 homes

FLINT, Michigan—A large white, blue and orange box truck weaves its way across Flint’s eastside. Inside a trio of workers is crowded into the cockpit of the truck, its hazard lights continually blinking, the rear latch clacking and clanking with each delivery of bottled water…

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Urban farmers bless Flint

Urban farmers bless Flint

A solution to problem water in Flint has been found by going back to the soil.

Over the past two years United Methodists in Michigan, led by pastors and churches in the Crossroads District, have been responding to their neighbors’ needs in Flint. The problems began in the spring of 2014 when the city changed its water source…

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