VCI Leadership Team Meeting

Church leaders willing to take the lead in implementing our Vital Church Initiative prescriptions will meet to assess our progress and plan next steps.

VCI Strategic Planning Team

Church leaders willing to assist in preparing a written strategic plan that encapsulates our Vital Church Initiative strategy will meet to work on preparing a written plan.

SPRC Team Meeting

This is a closed meeting for the members of the Staff Parish Relations team. Members are nominated by the Lay Leadership team and affirmed at the Annual Church Conference. Members usually serve three year terms.

Breaking News

Cyndi and I try to catch 30 minutes of national and world news each night. Without fail the anchor begins with some form of “Breaking news!” The words and tone of voice aim to build tension. Hopefully, to bring us to the edge of our seats and keep us there...

Life from Connections

The interaction between the causes of life described in the book that I am using for our teachings for our current worship series fascinate me.* Each cause generates other causes as life itself is a tapestry of connections. What we do matters and has consequences for...